East Peoria to halt debris pickup on Friday

Dec 3, 2013

East Peoria public works crews are stopping curbside debris pick up later this week following last month’s devastating storms. Public Works Director Steve Ferguson says crews have removed debris from about 75-percent of the damaged properties. He says the pick-up ends Friday because the Federal Emergency Management Agency might not reimburse the city for expenses associated with all debris removal:

 “We were told by FEMA that we may be doing work that is really part of the homeowner’s responsibility through homeowner’s insurance, and we will not be reimbursed for those costs,” Ferguson says.

 Ferguson says residents should check with their insurance providers for debris pick-up options going forward as of Friday. He says the move follows a similar halt to city debris pick-up in Washington earlier this week. He says nearly 50 homes were destroyed or had significant damage in East Peoria. A total of 180 properties were affected following the November tornado.