East Peoria launching online app for city service requests

Aug 6, 2013

East Peoria Director of Building & Public Property, Robert Cole, demonstrates the "Access East Peoria" app on a tablet. The app is set to launch for residents in December.
East Peoria is launching a smartphone and tablet application to better handle nuisance complaints and calls for police and public works requests. Peoria Public Radio's Alex Rusciano reports the app aims to boost resident interaction and city efficiency: 

 The "Access East Peoria App" officially launches in December, when staff training and software programming finish. The new app means residents can take pictures of potholes, long grass, and other ordinance violations and use them to report to the city. City buildings director Robert Cole says it will help make the city better:

 “The picture-end of it really helps us be able to go out to that location, with GIS may be a location instead of an address, and be able to look at exactly what they’re talking about, and then be able to make the repair, complete the request and submit pictures back to them,” Cole says.  

 Cole says residents can then check the status of their requests and get updates on matters. He says ‘Access East Peoria’ could also allow residents to report suspicious activity to police with photos and make it easier to pay water bills by linking to other sites. The app costs the city $5,400 per year to run.