East Peoria OKs architectural contract for new City Hall

Jul 1, 2014

The East Peoria City Council approved an architectural service contract for a new city hall design.  The Council has debated for months whether to build a new city hall or renovate the current site.  Commissioner Dan Decker says the architecture service will help firm up cost estimates for a potential new building:

 “This allows the architects and engineers to look at it to tell us how much we are actually going to spend. It’s been a little bit fuzzy. And frankly, I’m afraid that maybe we’ve underestimated a little bit, but I’d just like to know the facts upfront, so I’m looking forward to getting these numbers back,” Decker says.

 Earlier estimates say it could cost more than $500,000 to spruce up the aging building where it stands, while building a new hall in the Levee district is about $2 million. The architectural contract is with Principle Construction Management and Design for $138,000.