East Peoria talks housing, signage for new downtown

Sep 23, 2013

East Peoria is looking to add residential development to its new downtown Levee District.  The City Council last week discussed possible ways to enhance the new public and commercial area.  City Planning Director Ty Livingston says adding residential space would help draw more interest in the Levee District:

“We have these development throughout the area but to have residential there makes us an opportunity for 24/7 activity that people can live, work, shop, play what have you all in that area thAt they could walk, ride their bike, certainly provides that opportunity,” Livingston says.

Livingston says some of the 15 acres on Center Street could house property development in the future.  No developer has committed so far to any formal residential plans, but Livingston says there is interest.  It was part of a broad discussion about possible improvements to the Levee District.  The Council also discussed expanding landscaping and signage elements from the Levee District to nearby commercial areas.