East Peoria won’t use tax dollars for landslide recovery

May 7, 2013

East Peoria residents affected by a landslide last month say they want a plan from the City to help.  Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports the city says it won't use tax dollars in the recovery: 

 The landslide forced the owners of four properties on Kaitlin Court and Sunnybrook to leave their homes nearly three weeks ago.  Resident Chauncey Haywood lives near one of the affected homes.  He says the City should get more involved in helping the homeowners:

 “We need people to stand up.  You wouldn't want to live next to it.  You guys are safe.  Come live where we live and then tell us it wouldn't make a difference.  Please make a difference,” Haywood says.

 The City says its doing necessary engineering work to first test for the stability of the four properties before taking any action.  Those results are expected in the next two weeks.  But Mayor Dave Mingus says the city will not use taxpayer dollars to pay for landslide costs related to the properties:

 “I’m sorry, but taxpayers money is taxpayers money, what we can do is what we can do.  And to spend that money, even if I could do it possibly I would as a person, it isn't going to happen,” Mingus says.

 Other affected residents say they aren’t looking for tax-money to help with recovery costs, but they want the city to make sure there isn’t a repeat situation in the future.  The residents could be responsible for the demolition costs of the properties if necessary.