East Peoria working on plan to help landslide victims

Aug 6, 2014

East Peoria is working on ways to help residents who lost their homes during last year’s landslide. Residents affected by the 2013 floods and rainfall continue to ask the city council for long-term recovery help, not a ‘Band-Aid’.  East Peoria Mayor Dave Mingus says the city is working to meet the resident requests:

  “The city’s committed to re-stabilizing the neighborhood and a plan will be forthcoming very soon. It’s been under study, lots of money spent to make sure the fix is right and not a Band-Aid. But it will be forthcoming very soon,” Mingus says.

 Mingus and the Council didn’t share any more details on the plan. That’s because the affected residents and other neighbors near the landslide filed a $3 million lawsuit seeking to make the city pay for all repairs so residents can return to their homes. In other business, the council approved a contract with Northern Illinois University to study the way city departments are structured.  Council members say it makes sense to look at department efficiencies before any move is made to a new city hall.