Elsamny Challenges Primary Election Results, Claims Election Fraud

Mar 17, 2017

The City Council At-Large candidate who lost by one vote in Peoria’s primary election is contesting the results.

Amr Elsamny says he will also ask for an injunction to stop early voting for general election until the matter is worked. Amr Elsamny lost the fourth position on the general election ballot to Rob Hanauer. The final vote total certified by the Peoria County Election Commission last Thurs. was 2,004 to 2,003. And as of last Friday,  early voting started with Hanauer’s name on the ballot. 

Amr Elsamny
Credit Peoria Public Radio

Elsamny submitted a letter to the court contesting the election results on Wed. He claims the Election Commission broke the law when it returned a ballot in the mail to Frieda Abdnour for her signature. He says the ballot contained two votes for him, which would  make him the winner. 

Elsamny says it’s suspicious one mail ballot that would make him the winner has "disappeared." He is asking for a hearing to allow him to prove the alleged error and election fraud. 

Elsamny has also requested a discovery recount. That’s scheduled for Monday at 9:00am at the Peoria County Election Commission Office.