Emanuel criticizes Rauner on min. wage stance

Jan 9, 2014

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is criticizing his close friend running for Illinois governor - after he back-pedaled his stance on minimum wage.  Bruce Rauner is a venture capitalist running for governor as a Republican.  Rauner recently changed positions on what Illinois’ minimum wage should be.  A month ago - Rauner said the state should reduce its minimum wage.  Now - he says the entire country should raise it.  Mayor Emanuel says reducing the minimum wage is a backwards idea.

 “That is an idea that looks forward to the future and makes sure more people have access and ability to ensure themselves and their children are in the middle class and the idea that you would reduce it, is actually an idea that looks backwards and is gonna take us down.”

 Rauner’s Republican primary opponents have said they do not support raising Illinois’ minimum wage from $8.25.  Those are Treasurer Dan Rutherford and State Senators Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard.