Emanuel touts changes to state pension bill

Apr 7, 2014

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is touting some changes to a state bill that would prop up some of the city’s troubled pensions.  But the changes may be more political than practical.

It’s classic hot potato.

Emanuel wants to raise Chicago property taxes so he can pump more money into two, severely under-funded city pension systems. But some state legislators - who’d have to sign off on his plan - didn’t like the optics of green-lighting a property tax hike during an election year.

So Emanuel’s administration says all that tax hike stuff - has now been stripped out of the bill in Springfield.

EMANUEL: "It was never anybody’s intention to have Springfield deal with that. That’s our responsibility."

That doesn’t mean this property tax hike idea is going away.  The bill no longer forces the City Council to approve the tax increase.  But the mayor is still pushing for it.  The only difference?

Aldermen - not state lawmakers - would be the ones stuck when the music stops.