Enrollment begins on Illinois' Health Insurance Marketplace

Oct 1, 2013

Open enrollment began Tuesday for those seeking coverage through the Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace. The state program created under the Affordable Care Act allows residents to shop for health insurance online. People can navigate the system themselves or get help through various agencies in the tri-county area.

The Peoria City/County Health Department has five people on staff certified to educate the public on the Marketplace and help people enroll for those plans. Spokesperson Diana Scott says people will need to bring various types of information with them to purchase insurance.

"The main thing would be if you have a past tax return, if you have an estimate of how much you are going to make in the year 2014, citizenship papers like a driver's license or a passport, and social security card. Depending on what system you are in, you'll need some of those. If your pregnant, bring proof of pregnancy. All of those things will be helpful."

Scott says anyone wanting to know more information about the Marketplace or needing help to enroll need to make an appointment with the health department.

The Heartland Community Health Clinic also has certified staff to help people navigate the process. They will offer in-person counselors at the Peoria Public Library Main and Lincoln branches. The Main branch will have navigators on site the first and third Tuesdays of every month as well as the first Saturdays through December 14th. Certified counselors will be at the Lincoln Branch the second and fourth Tuesdays.