Equal Rights Amendment Gets Renewed Attention in Illinois

Aug 25, 2017


Credit Jacquelyn Martin / AP Photo

There’s a renewed movement to ratify the US Equal Rights Amendment. Nevada was the 36th state to ratify five months ago. The country needs two more states to follow suit to make it the law of the land.

Illinois is one of three states that could be pivotal in making it happen. Brittany Miller is with the Peoria NOW Chapter. She says they’re working to help people understand the role Illinois has in the Equal Rights Amendment.   

She says in the 80’s when the deadline to pass the Equal Rights Amendment was extended the vote fell short in Illinois by a small margin.


Miller says they think now is the time they might be able to accomplish it. “So we’re are trying to bring together groups that have the goal of an Equal Rights Amendment in common and start to think what we can do collaboratively to make Central Illinois pro-Equal Rights Amendment.”


Illinois is one of 23 states that already have either inclusive or partial guarantees of equal rights on the basis of sex.


Miller says people should also be aware there’s a Joint Resolution in the Illinois Senate now to ratify the Amendment. She says that makes this, “very much a current issue in the Illinois General Assembly.”


“It’s important people know who their senators and their representatives are and reach out to them and let them know Central Illinois finds the Equal Rights Amendment significant and we’d like to see it in the Constitution,” Miller said.   


The legislatures in Florida, Virginia and three other states also have introduced the ERA Bill this year.


But in order for any such movement to count Congress must also remove the long-past deadline for ratification. Friday is the national Thunderclap Rally with messages going to the Senate Judiciary Committee encouraging the body to hear the bills that would eliminate the deadline.


There is also a Rally to Ratify event Saturday, September 16th at 10:30 in Uptown Normal.