Eureka College Reagan Museum loaning items to Churchill Museum

Jan 14, 2014

Reagan memorabilia on display at National Churchill Museum.
Credit Eureka College
The National Churchill Museum at Westminster College in Missouri is showcasing some photographs and other memorabilia from a local museum.

The Eureka College Ronald Reagan Museum is loaning Westminster a replica of Reagan’s boyhood home in Dixon, several portraits of the 40th president, his cowboy boots, and a “Hellcats of the Navy” film poster.

The items are part of an exhibit called “Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher: Their Special Relationship.”  The exhibit was created to showcase the connection between Reagan and Thatcher and the impact they had on the political landscapes in their respective countries. The former world leaders also have connections with Westminster. Reagan spoke at the school in 1990 and Thatcher gave the Green Lecture in 1996.

The exhibit runs through March 9th.