Examining the healthcare program in prison

Illinois state legislators are starting to look into the company that has a one point four billion dollar contract to provide health care to inmates.

Legislators today spent two hours listening to testimony about Wexford Health Sources. Doris Green who works in correctional health care with the Aids Foundation of Chicago testified, but she wasn’t testifying in her professional capacity. She was speaking as the widow of a man who died while in prison.

“I did everything.  I’ve been involved in corrections for over 30 years and I thought I knew everybody.  I had some people on speed dial that I can call to get medical help for people that’s in prison but I did not know how broke the system was until my husband was diagnosed with stage four bone cancer and prostate cancer,” says Green.

Green says a doctor prescribed hormone shots for her husband and he never got those despite her efforts. Democratic Representative Greg Harris is pushing for a third party to audit the care Wexford gives to inmates. Wexford representatives said they welcome such oversight.