Facility for homeless veterans officially open

Aug 20, 2014

Homeless veterans in the area have a new place to get the help they need to transition back into society. The South Side Office of Concern Wednesday officially opened its so-called Veteran’ Haven on Monroe Street. The facility can house 15 veterans at a time.

Jeff Gress is the Chief Operating Officer at South Side Office of Concern. He says along with housing, veterans living at the home will receive various support services.

“There’s counseling. There’s assistance with seeking employment. There’s assistance with maintaining their employment. There’s addressing some of the life skills a lot of the guys maybe don’t have a lot of knowledge about (like) hunting for an apartment or some of those kinds of things. So, it’s skill building and a lot of it’s direct one-on-ones. Sometimes it’s group settings, so there’s a variety of ways that takes place.”

Gress says veterans can stay at the haven for up to six months. The South Side Office of Concern is also selling $100 memorial bricks through October 1st to continue to improve the facility. The bricks will be used to build a patio for the veterans home. 

Bricks can be purchased by calling Contact Kimberly Weeks at 222-2751.