Faith leaders unite in billboard campaign for peace

Feb 1, 2016

Credit Kamil Mufti

The Islamic Foundation of Peoria is hoping that a new billboard campaign will spur conversations with non-Muslims about their faith. 

The Foundation’s Imam Kamil Mufti says the initiative is an effort to alleviate fears about Muslims in the months after events, like the mass shootings in San Bernadino and Paris.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us," Mufti said. "I just hope we can build more trust and more relationships, meaningful relationships, where people are open.”

Mufti says two billboards will be posted this week that depict leaders from the Islamic community, Anshai Emeth Synagogue, and several churches in Peoria in an act of solidarity.

“We thought that yes this will be a good idea, we need to raise our voice and send a very clear message,” Mufti said. 

An additional ten billboards will be visible the first week of March leading up to a public open house at the Islamic Foundation on West Salaam Drive.