FEMA: Some residents avoiding recovery assistance

Dec 17, 2013

Residents learn about recovery efforts at a public meeting in Pekin on Tuesday, December 17th.
FEMA officials say some residents affected by last month's devastating weather are avoiding registration for assistance.  Deanna Frazier handles public information for FEMA. She says some residents think they are taking away from others by accepting help:

 “One of the misconceptions I think that people have is ‘I wasn’t hurt as much as my neighbor was, I don't want to take away from them’, and that just simply is not the case.  People can register with FEMA for assistance, and what they receive in assistance is not going to affect what their neighbor receives whatsoever,” Frazier says.

 Deanna says residents should apply for assistance even if they are denied the first time.  She says it’s common for residents to get denied because they didn't send in an insurance settlement sheet.  She says including the sheet can help FEMA find funding for rental assistance or other costs not covered by insurance. People can register with FEMA three ways: By calling 800-621-FEMA, going online to disasterassistance.gov, or the smartphone app is M.FEMA.gov.