FFCI looks to additional consultant contract, federal designations

May 7, 2014

The group leading the region’s new economic development strategy is looking to again use the same firm that crafted the plan. The Focus Forward Central Illinois Board is considering a contract with Vital Economy for under $100,000. The firm guided government and business officials last year in developing long-term regional economic development strategy. Focus Forward Chair Diana Hall says the firm can also help with securing economic development funding:

 “There are resources out there that we can tap into and it’ll help us with grants and so many other things so we can continue to grow the plan. That’s what it’s all about. We’ve put all this effort into it, we need to grow the plan and get the results we need,” Hall says.   

 The full Focus Forward Board takes up the contract proposal next week. FFCI is also in the running for a federal designation that makes it easier to get funding from 10 different agencies including the Departments of Commerce, Education and Labor.