Finding new life for an old District 150 School

Dec 5, 2013

The retired Peoria District 150 School building on Moss Avenue could get new life.

The School District is working with the City of Peoria to sell the 100-year-old structure. It’s part of the local and national historic districts.

The Moss-Bradley Residential Association is also weighing in on how the school's neighbors would like to see it used.  It was the topic of a meeting at West Minster Presbyterian Church Wednesday night.   

Nick Viera is an electrical engineer who lives in the area. He says the school building is pristine for its age and could live another 100 years if maintained. 

VIERA: “With this particular property, it’s not going to be a short-term win from a money standpoint. Anyone looking to get a short-term win out of it will be sorely disappointed. However if somebody with the right vision and the right financial backing and/or help from the city comes in, I think it could be a really good long term win not only for that person but also for the area.” 

Viera says if the 30,000 square foot building is re-purposed as condominiums, it could make about 14 small units or 8 larger ones. 

The city is sending out a request for proposals next week. 2nd District Peoria City Councilman Chuck Grayeb says he expects some proposals for the sale of Washington School could be made public by mid-January.