First meeting held on ‘fracking’ in Illinois

Nov 26, 2013

Illinois is holding its first public meeting on potential new "fracking" regulations.  Anyone interested is invited to comment at a meeting Tuesday in Chicago. 

 "Hydraulic fracturing" is credited with boosting domestic oil and gas production.  Illinois is looking to get in on the action.

A law passed in the spring sets up basic parameters. But as the saying goes, the devil is in the details.Which is why advocates on both sides of the fracking debate are paying such close attention to the Department of Natural Resources' proposed regulations.

These public meetings are their chance to make their opinions known.Danielle Dannenbring is an organizer with Illinois People's Action.

 "We want the public ... that is just now kind of understanding that fracking is coming with this legislation, to understand how weak these rules are, and what would need to change in order for fracking to occur in the least-damaging way."

Four more meetings are planned before the year's end.The proposed rules will later go to a bipartisan legislative panel for review. Fracking involves drilling into the ground, then using a mixture of water and chemicals to "fracture" rock --- releasing previously confined oil and gas.