Floods mean cargo delays in region

Apr 22, 2013

Credit Illinois Department of Transportation, District Four

The floods are also having an economic impact on the trucks that move through the state.  Don Schaefer is executive vice-president of the Mid-West Truckers Association. He says the flooding closes roads, and that makes it more difficult for trucks to reach their destinations: 

 “What may be a three-four mile run may now be a 25, 30-mile run.  So it does disrupt commerce it does make a longer day for some truck operators.  But it also reduces the amount that truckers can move because they're limited by federal regulations in regards to how many hours they can drive,” Schaefer says.

 Schaefer says the road delays mean longer waits for farmers to get feed deliveries. Moving rock to building sites and grocery store deliveries are just a few other affected areas. Schaefer says the delays won’t be immediately relieved after the Illinois River recedes. He says bridges and culverts must still be inspected before trucks are allowed to return.