Forging the rules on Fracking in Illinois

Dec 17, 2013


The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is taking public comment on the regulations proposed to govern hydraulic fracturing. 

Members of Illinois People’s Action took a bus to the hearing in Decatur last night. 

 Bill Poorman is with Illinois People’s Action. He says lawmakers promised tough regulations when the legislation was passed. But Poorman says the current proposal falls short with too many loopholes. “For example the radio-active waste water from the Fracking process is completely under regulated and the penalties for breaking the rules are just laughable. Some of them start at $50. That’s less than most speeding tickets, and these are the fines they are going to have to pay. That won’t put a dent in multi-billion dollar profitable corporation,” Poorman says.   

   People can submit comments on the proposed regulations until Friday, January third.

 Department of Natural Resources weblinks to the policy and proposes regulation as well as the link to submit comments: