Frerichs formally launches campaign for state treasurer

Jan 22, 2014

State Senator Mike Frerichs has been campaigning for Illinois treasurer for the better part of a year. Yet, until Wednesday, he's insisted he was just "exploring" a run for statewide office. Now, the wait is over.

It's got to be one of the least surprising political events of the year. Frerichs is going on a four-city tour to formally launch his campaign. This, after months of glad-handing and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. And after he's already made it on the ballot to run for treasurer.

I asked campaign manager Zach Koutsky, 'Why now?' He says voters are just starting to pay attention.

"But it's also just a good opportunity to get some free press and earned media and to get out there and talk about what you want to do with the office and how you differ from your opponent."

Frerichs, a Democrat, has no opponent in the primary. But two men are competing to be the Republican nominee: former House minority leader Tom Cross, and DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan.

Both men have long officially been in the race.