Frerichs stops in Peoria, formally enters race for state treasurer

Jan 23, 2014

Credit Sean Powers/ Illinois Public Radio
The lone Democratic candidate for Illinois Treasurer says he’ll bring accountability to the office, and help create jobs.  State Senator Mike Frerichs of Champaign formally kicked off his campaign Wednesday with stops across the state, including in Peoria: 

 Freirchs has been raising money in his campaign for state treasurer for some time, but officially declared his candidacy months after two Republicans joined the race.

 He says in November he put off his announcement after a massive tornado struck his hometown of Gifford in Champaign County.

 Speaking in Champaign last night, Freirchs says he sees comparisons between Gifford’s struggles and those of the rest of the state. FREIRCHS: “Like Gifford, a lot of people here feel they’ve been hit by a storm, and it’s not a storm that’s quite as visible, but for a lot of people who have lost their jobs or looking at losing their houses, they’re looking around for help out there.”

 If elected, Freirchs says he’d push to raise the minimum wage, lower student loan debt, and expand link deposit accounts so businesses can hire more people.

 Campaign filings show Freirchs has raised more than $830 thousand dollars in contributions.

 That’s more than his Republican rivals - former House Minority Leader Tom Cross and DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan.