Gifford begins recovery process

Nov 19, 2013

Credit Sean Powers / WILL
In Gifford, in Champaign County, one resident Tuesday compared the destruction from Sunday's storms to a war zone.  Marc Schudel says he saw the tornado coming over a neighbor’s house and was half-way down the basement stairs when debris started flying. 

"I feel lucky and I’m amazed there was no death … bomb went off… no fatalities not real serious injuries."

Carl Baker is Executive Director of the American Red Cross Mid-Illinois chapter.  He was in Gifford Tuesday and says the group is trying to address some very specific needs.

“We have been on the ground doing mobile feeding, fixed feeding and also had a shelter open...also been doing clients needs… and mental health counseling”

Baker says the recovery in Gifford will be a long-term process.  He says anyone who wants to help should send money, which he says the Red Cross can then distribute to those who need it most.