GOP candidates for governor face off in Naperville debate

Feb 4, 2014

Republican candidates for governor face off in Naperville debate.
Credit Gary Zidek / Illinois Public Radio/WDCB
The four Republican candidates running for governor participated in a Tuesday morning debate in Naperville. This was the first public forum since allegations of misconduct were levied at state Treasurer Dan Rutherford, who last week, accused Bruce Rauner of instigating the situation.  

Neither candidate referenced the allegations during the hour and a half debate. Rauner did take a shot at some members of his own party. 

"We have got to take on the special interest groups, and they've bought control in Springfield. The government union bosses, the trial lawyers and their cronies, they've bought the power in Springfield. They own most of the Democrats in Springfield. Unfortunately for us, they've bought many of the Republicans in Springfield too."

Rutherford outlined a more conciliatory approach when asked about working with Democrats.

"A governor is not king of the forest. You can not go in and command it to be done. We will have a General Assembly that will likely be made up of if not majority, perhaps even a super majority of Democrats. So where I intend to work to try to bring about resolution will be a consensus. We're going to have to work through the General Assembly."

State Senators Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard joined Rutherford and Rauner in calling for a roll-back of the state’s temporary income tax increase next year.