Gov. Quinn changes concealed carry legislation

Jul 2, 2013

Governor Pat Quinn on Tuesday vetoed legislation that would allow concealed carry in Illinois. As IPR'S Brian Mackey reports, Quinn is suggesting numerous changes to the proposal.

At a splashy Chicago news conference surrounded by relatives of shooting victims, Quinn says the National Rifle Association had too great a role in shaping the concealed-carry legislation.

"And there are serious flaws in this bill that jeopardize public safety of the people of Illinois."

Quinn is demanding a more restrictive concealed-carry law. He would prohibit guns where alcohol is served, and allow companies to bar guns from their parking lots.  He wants to restore the right of cities and towns to be pass their own firearms regulations. And Quinn would limit people to carrying one gun and one magazine that holds no more than 10 rounds.

It remains to be seen whether lawmakers will take up his suggestions. The legislation, ordered by a federal court with a July 9 deadline, was the result of months of negotiations between gun-control and gun-rights supporters. The measure initially passed with more than enough votes to override Quinn's veto.