Gov. Quinn continues push to keep income tax rate at 5%

Jun 4, 2014

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is continuing to make his case for keeping the state income tax rate at its current 5 percent. He didn’t get any help from Democratic lawmakers who passed a budget without taking up Quinn’s tax plan.

The income tax is scheduled to drop next year which Quinn says will result in cuts to things like education and social service programs. The governor says if he wins re-election in November, legislators might listen to voters and take up his tax plan. 

"There are things in the legislative session that I wasn’t happy about, but having said that in life and in democracy, you put you head down and you go forward."

Quinn is running against Republican venture capitalist Bruce Rauner.

Rauner has supported letting the income tax rate drop to 3-point-7-5 percent, but hasn’t detailed how he’d make up for the loss in tax revenue.