Gov. Quinn endorses concept of sealing Illinois River from Great Lakes

Jun 2, 2013

Asian Carp jump when startled by boat engine noises
Credit Minnesota Public Radio

There’s been some tension among the Great Lakes states over what to do about Asian carp spreading from the Mississippi River system to Lake Michigan. The two bodies of water join at the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal that links to the Des Plaines and into the Illinois River.

At their weekend meeting on Mackinac Island, The Great Lakes Council of Governors agreed to adopt a common strategy to fight the spread of invasive species. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn endorsed the concept of sealing off the Great Lakes from the Mississippi River basin.

“Ultimately, we have to separate the basins. That’s a major, huge
public works project for America. I really feel that is the ultimate
solution,” Quinn said.

Quinn says more study is needed still to determine the
best way do that and how to pay the multi billion dollar cost.

There’s disagreement, though, on moving ahead. Indiana
Governor Mike Pence says the disruption would destroy thousands of
Hoosier jobs.