Gov. Quinn says he'll announce running mate soon

Nov 6, 2013

The only candidate running for governor who has yet to announce a running mate is incumbent Pat Quinn. The Democrat has been silent about who he wants as a lieutenant governor. But time is running out.

In order to make it on the primary ballot, politicians have to turn in at least five thousand signatures by December Second. Quinn says he'll announce his choice soon, though he wouldn't confirm if he has actually settled on someone.

QUINN: "We're very close, we'll be doing that very soon."

REPORTER: "Have you decided and just not announced?"

QUINN: "Well we're working on that, we'll be working on that very soon."

This election is the first time gubernatorial candidates get to choose a running mate. Previously, candidates for governor and lieutenant governor ran separately in the primary and the winners were matched for the general election. Quinn's current lieutenant governor, Sheila Simon, is running for Comptroller.

Rumors abound about who Quinn will choose to replace her. A name often mentioned is the city of Chicago's treasurer, Stephanie Neely who has told reporters she and the governor have talked about it.