Gov. Quinn says he's not worried about state's image

Apr 26, 2013

Governor Pat Quinn says other governors trying to poach Illinois companies are all just ``showboating.'' At least five governors, all Republicans, have recently tried to lure away Illinois businesses. But the Chicago Democrat says he's not worried about Illinois' image.

"We're the biggest employer in biotechnology in the whole united states and these characters come and you know, want to showboat.  The people of Illinois are good and true and hard-working.  There's nothing like the Midwestern work ethic for a good company."

Earlier this week Texas Governor Rick Perry was in Chicago to try and spark competition between the states. Also this week, Florida Governor Rick Scott sent letters to Illinois' top 100 companies encouraging them to buy a one-way ticket to his state. Governors in Wisconsin, Indiana and New Jersey have also tried the tactic.

They've pointed out Illinois' shaky finances, including nearly 100 billion dollars in pension debt ... the worst of any state nationwide. Quinn says business appreciate Illinois' transportation and a "government that works with them."