Gov. Quinn taps Vallas as running mate

Nov 12, 2013

Paul Vallas says he has no problem playing a subordinate role to Governor Pat Quinn who has chosen him as his 2014 running mate.

 Paul Vallas has a lot of major job titles on his resume, including the head of Chicago schools and the director of the city’s budget and management office.  So the prospect of taking up a position that isn’t known for making crucial decisions might not fit.

 But Vallas says he’s prepared to be lieutenant governor.

 VALLAS: I have no problem playing second fiddle, or whatever instrument in the orchestra Pat wants me to play because I believe in Pat and I have confidence in him. He’s an individual I’ve always admired and an individual of extraordinary leadership.

 The Chicago Teachers Union has criticized Quinn’s lieutenant governor choice.  Quinn says he and his running mate are dedicated to working with all teacher groups in the state.

 Vallas is also unpopular in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He left his position as superintendent under controversy.

 Vallas says he was brought in only temporarily, and now is just the time to move on.