Gov. says lawmakers should take a lesson from the Chicago Blackhawks

Jun 11, 2013

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says the state legislature could take a lesson from the Chicago Blackhawks in passing pension reform. IPR’S Tony Arnold reports.

Lawmakers adjourned from Springfield without passing what many consider the biggest issue facing the state: its increasing pension obligations. So Governor Quinn called them back for a special session next week, saying they should take the two rival pension reform plans, put them on the same bill, and pass them both. He says he knows of another team that got the job done when it was needed.

“You know, I went to the game the other night. The Blackhawks game.  I saw Jonathan Toews assist Patrick Kane, who scored the winning goal. And that’s the kind of teamwork that we need in Illinois.”

A previous attempt to pass this very idea stalled in the state senate. House Speaker Michael Madigan also did not seem on board with the plan. Lawmakers have said that without a pension compromise among the legislative leaders, it’s not necessary to go back to Springfield.