Governor's approval ratings remain low

Nov 27, 2013

Governor Pat Quinn has been surpassed as the nation's least-liked governor. Pennsylvania's Pennsylvania's Republican Governor, Tom Corbett, can now claim that title. But a new poll shows Quinn could still have a hard time holding on to his seat. IPR'S Amanda Vinicky reports.

It was about this time last year, that numbers from Public Policy Polling showed Democrat Pat Quinn as the most unpopular governor in the country. Illinois residents still aren't all that fond of their state's CEO.

The polling company says that now, 60-percent of voters do not approve of how he's doing, compared with a mere 34-percent who do. Still, the firm's Dustin Ingalls,  that's better than Quinn's 2012 numbers, which had his approval rating at 25-percent.

"Obviously still not very good numbers for somebody who's hoping to win reelection, but at least a significant improvement from a year ago. And because of that he's improved in some of his match-ups with some of the Republicans who were hoping to run against him."

To that effect, the poll gives Treasurer Dan Rutherford a slight edge over Quinn where they to face off in the general election. The governor's tied with Senators Kirk Dillard and Bill Brady - whom Quinn barely beat in the last governor's race.  And venture capitalist Bruce Rauner trails Quinn, but not by much.