Group says state can’t afford union pay raise

May 17, 2016

Members of a conservative think-tank rallied in Springfield today in support of Governor Bruce Rauner and his veto of a bill that would send contract negotiations into binding arbitration. The legislation is supported by AFSCME, the state's largest public sector union. 

It's currently in stalled contract talks with the Rauner administration.  Jacksonville resident Janet Hamm says it would be bad for taxpayers if the legislature overrides the veto, because the state can't afford to give union workers pay raises.

"They get a very rosy deal and I think it's time for them to realize their pensions and their rosy deals are breaking the bank."

AFSCME officials say the governor vetoed the legislation so he can try to impose unilateral cuts to wages and healthcare benefits.  

A state labor judge is deciding whether the administration and the AFSCME are so far apart in their demands, they're at an impasse.