Group speaks out on priest sex abuse settlement

Aug 13, 2013

Bob Heinz shares a photo of Andrew Ward at a Peoria SNAP press conference.
Credit Tanya Koonce/Peoria Public Radio
The Peoria Diocese is paying a more than $1.3 million settlement in a child sex abuse case that took place under tenure of Newark Archbishop John Myers. A deposition with the Archbishop outlines questionable incidents by Monsignor Thomas Maloney during his time in the Peoria Diocese. The settlement is in response to former altar boy Andrew Ward’s molestation claims against Monsignor Thomas Maloney. Barbara Blaine of a group supporting victims of priest abuse says the victim was not believed because Bishop Myers failed to come clean with civil authorities: “Had he turned over this information to police, other victims could have begun their healing process.  Then Maloney would have been indicted and kept from being in a position where he could abuse others,” Blaine says. One letter Myers wrote to parents complaining about Maloney's conduct indicated there had never been allegations of impropriety against Maloney. That was false at the time, though Myers said under oath that he was not aware of the reports fielded by his subordinates. Myers deposition was made public as part of the settlement. Maloney has died. Bishop Myers was promoted.  The Diocese of Peoria says it does not discuss details of settlements out of respect to the parties involved. Further, the statement says the settlement is paid for with Insurance coverage.