Gubernatorial candidate, Bill Brady, releases tax returns

Dec 17, 2013

A second Republican running for Illinois governor has released his tax returns. IPR'S Amanda Vinicky reports on with what they show.

When State Senator Bill Brady first ran for governor, four years ago -- he was slow to release his tax returns. It may have been because of what they showed: that in 2008 - he paid no state income tax, and in 2008 and 2009 he paid no federal income tax. Brady, a Bloomington real estate developer, had seen his income drop when the housing crisis hit. His low tax bill became campaign issue for him, like in this ad from his opponent, Gov. Pat Quinn:

"We pay millionaire Bill Brady over $76,000 a year as a state senator. And he didn't pay any federal income taxes?"

Brady's latest returns show a different picture. In 2012, Brady paid more than $37,000 in taxes, on his approximately $200,000 income.

All of the Republican candidates are fairly well - off:  Sen. Kirk Dillard is a partner at an international law firm and Treasurer Dan Rutherford was an executive at a Fortune 1000 company. And then there's venture capitalist Bruce Rauner, whose tax returns show his income last year topped $53 million.