Guide released to help transgender individuals change their identification documents

Jan 8, 2014

Transgender individuals may face obstacles when changing their identification documents.  Now, advocates have released a guide to help them. IPR'S Lee Strubinger reports.

The Forty Four page Guide to Name and Gender Marker Changes suggests starting with a court order name change. Then, on to drivers licenses, birth certificates, social security cards and other documents.

Randy Hannig, Public Policy Director with Equality Illinois, says it is important for people who've changed their gender identity to update their legal paperwork...

"as it not only recognizes their new identity in the public square, but they may have difficulty getting access to government programs, a legal recognition if their documents don't match their new gender identity.  So that's why we're out there really letting everyone know we have this new tool kit available to them."

Equality Illinois has also been working on other assistance to the LGBT community, including a series of workshops dealing with the legal intricacies of the new same sex marriage law.