Gun rights activists demand less restrictions on concealed carry law

Mar 5, 2014

Gun rights activists are in Springfield, demanding lawmakers ease restrictions on Illinois' new concealed carry law. The state has just begun issuing the licenses that allow qualified individuals to carry guns in public. 

Illinois law still forbids guns in 23 types of locations, like schools and bars. Proposals before the General Assembly would add to that list and prohibit guns in churches and restaurants. 

Valinda Rowe, with the group Illinois Carry, wants the opposite. She says the more places law-abiding citizens can carry guns, the safer everyone will be.

"Gun-free zones are killing zones. They are fantasy lands where we draw imaginary circles around ourselves and around our children and we pretend that the violent criminal and the criminally insane cannot get in to hurt us."

Rowe also opposes legislation to require gun-owners to register each of their firearms.