Harold Launches Bid for Congress in Urbana

Jun 4, 2013

Former Miss America Erika Harold has vowed to reach out to those who aren’t traditional Republican voters.  Harold announced her run to seek the GOP nomination for Illinois’ 13th Congressional District in front of Urbana High School Tuesday.  

The 33-year old attorney, who recently moved back to the region from the Chicago area, says she doesn’t fit the conventional stereotype of a Republican:

 “I’m committed to reaching to individuals from all backgrounds, and all walks of life who may support conservative principals.  Not only is this outreach essential in a swing district like ours, but more importantly, it strengthens our party as a whole, helping to expand the party’s reach, and re-invigorating the party’s message.”

Harold didn’t directly address incumbent Republican opponent Rodney Davis.   She says she intends to run a positive campaign, and avoid the influence of outside groups.Harold also cited her multiracial background in trying to reach out to voters.  Citing her work as an attorney and with the board of Prison Fellowship Ministries, she wants to seek reforms within the criminal justice system.  Harold says tax dollars could be better spent on laws that allow people to rehabilitate themselves.She’s scheduled 15 media appearances this week to launch her Congressional campaign.