High river levels could be extended

Apr 23, 2013

Record flood levels may still increase or at least not fall as quickly as hoped. Illinois Emergency Management Director John Monken says a rapid snow melt in the Dakota’s, Wisconsin, and Minnesota may still impact Illinois River flooding.

 "So, it's definitely something people need to keep our eye on. I spoke with the local county emergency manager before we started this, and made sure that they knew its not time to start tearing down sandbag walls tomorrow when the sun comes back out again. We're still in it for awhile,"  Monken says. Monken says the impact of the melting snow in the North on the Illinois river will likely be felt in the next ten to fourteen days. He says preliminary damage assessments may have to be held off until after the second possible round of water surge.  

Monken was in Peoria Tuesday with Governor Quinn. The Governor says Illinois businesses and individuals impacted by the flooding who file monthly, quarterly or annual tax returns will an extension. Those affected have until October 31 to file returns that were originally due April 19.  

Peoria County's Planning and Zoning Department will also perform building damage estimates of affected properties in unincorporated parts of the county. For more information click here.