High school automotive students attend Power Show

Oct 7, 2014

Illinois Central College is hosting its 40th annual Power Show Tuesday. The event encourages area high school students toward careers in the automotive and diesel industries. 

Students from six local high schools are visiting the Agricultural and Industrial Technologies Building for a day of activities. ICC Automotive Technology students judge the prospective student’s performance in auto themed contests. 

David Morgenstern coordinates ICC’s GM Automotive Service Program. He says not only is there a need for young mechanics, but the program gets the students into the field right away.

“All of our students are already working, they have internships that they do at GM dealers or AC Delco repair facilities.  So those students, I can tell you from the last 3 years graduation rate, have about 95% job placement at graduation.”

Morgenstern says many mechanics are retiring, leaving a need for workers who understand the new automotive technology. He says automotive mechanics graduates start off making between 10 and 18 dollars an hour.