House approves measure to limit tanning for teens

A proposal that would keep teens out of tanning beds is one step closer to becoming law in Illinois.The House voted 67 to 49 to approve the measure, which prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from using a tanning bed.

Representative Robyn Gabel, a Democrat from Evanston, says it's lawmakers duty to protect kids from exposure to cancer-causing light. She rejected concerns that a ban on teen tanning will force salons to go under. 

"Teens are only a very small portion of their business. Most of their business is with adults. And if adults choose to go to tanning salons and be tan, that is their choice," Gabel says.

Opponents say it should be left to parents, not the government, to decide if their kids can tan. Minors would still be allowed to get spray-on tans.