House Democrats pushing through budget legislation

May 15, 2014

Democrats have been pushing budget legislation through the Illinois House Thursday. As IPR'S Brian Mackey reports, they're still not saying how they intend to pay for the spending.

Most of the budget bills are passing with the bare minimum 60 votes which means even some Democrats are against the measures. That's because the budget plan calls for spending way more money than Illinois is projected to take in during the next budget year.

"I just want to state that the House Republicans have consistently stated that we will not support the extension of the tax increase."

Rep. Jim Durkin, of Western Springs, is the House Republican Leader. He says the Democratic budget will require an eventual vote to turn 2011's temporary tax hike into a permanent one. He also says approving spending without a way to pay for it is against the law.

"We are voting today for an unconstitutional budget. Plain and simple."

Democrats say they're focusing on preserving funding for important state services, and that they'll deal with the tax question later.