House Speaker says same sex marriage bill short on votes

House Speaker Michael Madigan says there's not enough support in the Illinois House to pass same sex marriage. He says it is a dozen votes short.  But the measure's sponsor, Chicago Democratic Representative Greg Harris, says the number's less. Harris says there is still work to do, but he believes when the time comes, it will pass.

"But I believe at the end of the day when this vote goes up on the board, 60 people in the House are going to say they are doing what the majority of people of the state of Illinois want which is to one, treat all families equally in the eyes of the law and secondly, protect all of our different religions to practice their faith as their tradition allows," says Harris. The Illinois Senate approved same sex marriage last month, and Governor Pat Quinn says if it reaches his desk he will sign the measure into law. But it's unclear when the House will take a vote. Speaker Madigan, who is Catholic, says he supports gay marriage, despite having been contacted by Chicago Cardinal Francis George about the church's opposition.  When a reporter asked if the Speaker outranks a Cardinal, Madigan smiled and said "better be careful there."