ICC gets $2.6 million towards Sustainability Center project

Apr 8, 2014

The state is giving Illinois Central College more than two-and-a-half-million-dollars to build a new Sustainability Center at its East Peoria campus. The funding is part of the state’s ‘Illinois Jobs Now’ program. The new 24,000 square-foot facility will include space for renewable energy, architecture and H-VAC programs. Illinois Central College President John Erwin says area residents can also benefit from the new facility:

 “For example if you were a plumber and if you knew how to install the electric or gas hot water heater, now if you come to the center, you can learn other ways to install solar or maybe geothermal hot water. In other words we want to try to expand the awareness of options for people that really instills clean energy,” Erwin says.

 Erwin says work on the Sustainability Center is expected to start this summer and take about nine months to complete.  Governor Pat Quinn stopped at ICC Tuesday to announce the funding.