ICC hosts cyber-security summit

Apr 11, 2014

Community college officials are discussing the importance of creating a cyber-security software curriculum for students. Illinois Central College Friday held the Software Security Community College Summit.

The event included representatives from the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Secretary of defense. They talked about the need for a workforce capable of developing software that is secure from cyber-attacks.

Girish Seshagiri is the CEO of Peoria software development company, Advanced Information Services. He says cyber security is one of the most serious challenges facing the country.

“Cyber attacks are becoming a big problem. The Secretary of Defense says the next Pearl Harbor could be a cyber attack. So, it’s a national crisis of sorts. That’s why we’re having this meeting here today to get the educators, the community college people to teach a software curriculum that’s been created by the Department of Homeland Security, Carnegie Mellon University, to teach this stuff right.”

Seshagiri says defense and software company officials are recommending community colleges develop a program that allows students to go to school and complete an apprenticeship at the same time, so graduates will be ready for the workplace. He says there’s also federal money available to colleges that want to develop a cyber-security software curriculum.