IDOC official resigns

Jun 11, 2013

A top official at the Illinois Department of Corrections has resigned following allegations of sexual harassment. Department spokesman Tom Shaer says two investigations focused on Deputy Director Ty Bates were launched about two months ago. He resigned after the investigations concluded and punishment, including suspension, was announced.

Shaer declined to offer specifics, except that the findings involved "communications," and no physical contact.  He says the conduct failed to meet the legal standard of sexual harassment, but did violate department policy.

“The workplace is not to be cluttered with this kind of activity which violates policy. Investigations go right to the end, regardless who they might involve, and this case, it was a a management person."

Bates had been a deputy director since 2011. 

Shannis Stock takes over as interim deputy director. She's been with the Department of Corrections since 2005, most recently serving as warden of the Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center at East St. Louis.