IEMA Suggests Early Voting for Storm Response Employees

Oct 6, 2016

Credit Flickr Creative Commons/Ray Bouknight

As officials warn coastal residents to get out of Hurricane Matthew's path, Illinois elections officials are putting out a notice of their own.  The Illinois National Guard hasn't been activated to help.  Nor has the Illinois Emergency Management Agency received a request. 

IEMA's spokeswoman says the state is part of a pact in which Illinois could be called on to help. She says that'd likely happen after any potential damage.  Illinois sent about 2500 employees out following Hurricane Katrina.

With an election looming, the Illinois State Board of Elections isn't taking any chances.  The board sent an advisory urging utility workers and volunteers who may assist in anticipated clean-up efforts to vote early. 

The board says they may not be back in time to cast a ballot on election day. And logistics may mean there won't be time for a mail-in ballot to be requested, sent and returned.