Il budget problem won't impact State Fair

Apr 23, 2014

The manager of the Illinois State Fair says she doesn’t expect this year’s state budget problems to affect the event. Amy Bliefnick says fair operations are paid for by admission fees and concert ticket revenue. She says that means it’s somewhat insulated from the budget pressures expected to flow from the reduction of the income tax scheduled for later this year.

“It still means that we have to do our fiscal responsibility. It means that we have to make sure and keep our costs as low as possible. But I don’t think that our impact will be nearly as severe as some others," says Bliefnick.

Though somewhat independent, the Illinois State Fair is under the Department of Agriculture, which is facing a 27 percent cut under the doomsday budget. The department pays for upkeep of the fairgrounds and the entirety of the other state fair in DuQuoin, both of which would likely be affected if the budget is slashed.

To avert those cuts, Governor Pat Quinn is suggesting the temporary tax increase be made a permanent one.