Il Chamber of Commerce President retiring

Sep 6, 2013

Credit Amanda Vinicky / WUIS/Illinois Public Radio
The outgoing head of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce says the state's elected officials are not doing enough to create new jobs ... with one exception. IPR'S Amanda Vinicky reports. 

After twelve years as President of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Doug Whitley's retiring next year. 

Whitley says he's leaving disappointed. The latest data showed Illinois with the second highest unemployment in the nation, behind Nevada. And he says political leaders haven't done enough about it, except for one, Chicago's mayor:

"With the exception of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, I don't hear any other political leaders in our state talking about jobs, trying to recruit jobs, trying to announce new jobs and showing a sincere concern with unemployment."

Of course, plenty of politicians will take umbrage with that characterization -- the governor, who's in a re-election battle, has been busily announcing taxpayer-funded construction projects he says will create jobs.